ClassSpot PBL powers the world’s most advanced interactive learning spaces, combining the interactive presentation abilities of ClassSpot with the small team collaboration abilities of TeamSpot. Now students and faculty can move effortlessly between “teaching” and “teaming.”

Joint Work Leads to Group Learning

Each team has its own TeamSpot system with a big screen driven by a dedicated “Host” computer, creating a group worksurface. Students use their own laptops, as personal worksurfaces but can easily move content to the group worksurface to share results that they can discuss. Together the personal and group worksurfaces help encourage interdependent activity and collaborative learning.

The “Teaching Wall” As Interactive Screen

Large projection screens, smart boards or monitors — each powered by a Mac or PC running ClassSpot software — provide a focal point where faculty and students can share digital content relevant to their in-class discussions. Faculty can use an installed podium computer or work untethered with their own wireless laptop to access “faculty only” features, such as locking/unlocking student access to the front screen.

Work as a Team, Share With the Class

ClassSpot PBL connects each team’s shared big screen to the teaching wall screens. Faculty can distribute assignments to individual teams, or to all teams, with a simple drag-and-drop gesture. Any group, or individual student, can share results to the front screens, and then students from other teams can correct errors or make other changes directly — from their own seats.