Get There Together.

Contribute ideas. Refine them as a group.
Incorporate them into the result.

When Everyone Participates, You Get Great Results.

Tidebreak’s advanced software collaboration tools promote high-performance teamwork. Using technology first conceived at Stanford University, we build solutions that embrace best practices for team collaboration.

Accelerate Your Work.

While some work together on a common shared task, others break off to simultaneously work on supporting tasks. In the end, the multiple threads converge and the group finishes its work in less time.

Produce Better Outcomes.

The value of group collaboration lies in that each individual brings a different experience and perspectives to the shared task. When everyone can meaningfully contribute, their collective talents improve the final result.

Align the Group.

Even though people may have different goals as they begin to meet together, when everyone fully participates in developing ideas, then they are more likely to get behind the final result and increase the chances that it will have an impact.

Everyone Has Something to Contribute.
We Give You the Right Tools.


Designed with small groups in mind, TeamSpot creates high-performance meeting places that accelerate team performance.


ClassSpot redefines “smart classrooms,” delivering flexible, engaging learning spaces where students and faculty work together freely.

ClassSpot PBL

ClassSpot PBL delivers the world’s most advanced capabilities for team-based learning spaces at a fraction of the cost of more traditional solutions.

Experience how powerful collaboration can be.

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