Three new Tidebreak-Enabled™ collaboration products.

Tidebreak is working with several hardware and furnishings providers to create integrated solutions for collaboration environments. Three of the latest additions to the Tidebreak-enabled collection recently debuted.

Anywhere® mobile media tower with TeamSpot™ on-board

The Anywhere® media tower by Berco, Inc. is a new mobile collaboration platform that integrates with Tidebreak’s TeamSpot™ software. The tower enables teams to truly “share” with each other when working on collaborative projects, as opposed to merely “showing” their computer displays to each other. The solution is completely mobile, and no video cables are required. It supports BYOD environments that mix laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices. The Anywhere tower can be added to any group tables to create interactive collaboration spaces, preserving flexibility for designers. It can also augment existing furnishings to minimize renovation costs.

Sharp Interactive AQUOS Board™ Now Integrates with All Tidebreak Products

Tidebreak and Sharp Electronics Corporation now offer an integrated collaboration display solution based on Tidebreak’s TeamSpot and ClassSpot software and Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display boards (in 60, 70, and 80 inch sizes). Now one or more team members can stand at the display and control content while others contribute from their laptops and mobile devices. Any drawings or annotations made on the AQUOS display can now be easily saved from the board to the Tidebreak session archive.

Bretford TRÜ collaboration table for TeamSpot™

Bretford Manufacturing Inc. has developed a version of its TRÜ conference table specifically designed to embed Tidebreak’s TeamSpot technology. Combined with Bretford’s flat panel designer carts and HERE mobile whiteboard, the new table is the heart of an integrated collaboration room solution. The TRÜ table for TeamSpot is available through Bretford’s custom order program.

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