Welcome to the Interaction Age.

Tidebreak’s products help create engaging environments by changing the way people work together. They leverage existing hardware and systems to tap the full potential of the group, transforming laptops into powerful tools for exploring ideas and producing results.

The Interaction Age has arrived!

Shared Interactive Worksurfaces Information Mobility Distributing Results
Everyone works together on the shared common screen, using their keyboard and mouse to control it. They can switch easily between this screen and their own laptop, working in parallel and then rapidly integrate their contributions with the shared result. This is more productive than approaches where one person controls the screen while others can only watch. It’s simple to move information across devices. Groups can copy and paste text between computers, collect drawings from a physical whiteboard, or collectively browse the Web, then share to a common worksurface, to individuals, or the entire group. Teams can explore ideas in real-time and immediately apply them to project work. Tidebreak solutions make it easy to collect and disseminate the results of the session, including notes, websites, drawings, as well as final documents. All shared items are captured automatically while the group works. The archive can be saved to each person’s hard disk or webspace.

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